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    • Commodity name: Bagging machine
    • Commodity ID: gdj01

    Product introduction:

    1. The machine adopts mechanical transmission, with stable performance, simple maintenance, longer service life and low failure rate.

    2. The machine adopts vacuum bag opening method.

    3. Different bag widths can be adjusted within the range.

    4. No bag opening, no filling, no bag filling.

    5. Install safety protection door.

    6. Waterproof function of worktable.

    7. Visual display of error information.

    8. It meets the sanitary standard and is easy to clean

    9. It adopts advanced technology, humanized design and touch screen control system, which is simple and convenient.

    10. Excellent electrical and pneumatic components to ensure the stable operation of the machine and achieve high efficiency and low failure mass production.

    Design scheme:

    Technical parameters:

    1. Packaging bag form: flat bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, organ bag, spout bag, etc.

    2. Packaging materials: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE and other composite materials.

    3. Packaging process (station distribution):

    1) Upper bag

    Option: Horizontal bag feeding conveyor (suitable for flat bags, self-supporting bags, zipper bags, spout bags (customized), etc.) Bag bin (suitable for flat bags)

    2) Color band coding (option) - 3) Open the self standing bag bottom (option) - 4) Open the bag mouth/bottom - 5) Primary filling - 6) Secondary filling - 7) Hot sealing - 8) Cold sealing and product output.



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