Adjustment of the control panel of the vacuum packaging machine

发布时间: 2022-06-29

The first method is to replace the original computer board control system, which has the advantage of being simple and convenient, just ask the manufacturer to send the computer board over. The vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag, and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then complete the sealing process. Vacuum packaging machines are often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can be anti-oxidative, and then achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. However, one of the drawbacks is that the vacuum time of the replaced computer board is limited. If the vacuum time is adjusted on the existing control panel, it can only be guaranteed within the range of 0.1≤9.9 seconds. The second is to affect the heating of the vacuum packaging machine. When the empty time is too short, the vacuum chamber will save a lot of air, and the pressure difference of the air bag is too small to be fully opened, resulting in unqualified sealing of the packaging bag. In addition, too much oxygen in the vacuum chamber will cause oxidation of the heating area of ​​the vacuum machine and increase the failure rate.

The second way to adjust the control panel of the vacuum packaging machine is to change to a fully active vacuum packaging machine. The small vacuum packaging machine has the functions of vacuuming, heat sealing and cooling at one time. It is suitable for vacuum sealing and packaging of food, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, fine parts and other products. It can prevent product oxidation, mildew, etc. Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, can keep the quality and freshness and prolong the storage period of the product. The advantage of this is that the active computer board can be adjusted over a wider range, from 0.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds. Can meet various vacuum requirements. The disadvantage is that if the existing machine is replaced, the cost of the equipment will increase, and when the empty machine is replaced by the active control panel, the corresponding circuit of the vacuum packaging machine will need to be reconfigured. Different standard computer motherboards also determine different shapes of vacuum packaging equipment, which need to be sent to remote manufacturers for large-scale changes.

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