Five functions of vacuum packaging machine

发布时间: 2022-06-29

Vacuum packaging machines are divided into single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, external vacuum packaging machines, vertical cabinet vacuum packaging machines, continuous vacuum packaging machines, tension film vacuum packaging machines, etc. Among them, the performance of different machine packaging is also different, so we choose the machine according to our own needs. Let's take a look at the five functions of the vacuum packaging machine.

1: The small vacuum packaging machine has the functions of vacuuming, heat sealing and cooling at one time. It is suitable for vacuum sealing and packaging of food, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, precision parts and other products. It can prevent product oxidation, mildew, etc. It is a machine that can keep the quality and freshness and prolong the storage period of the product. Vacuum packaging machines are widely used in food, medicine and other industries. Some pharmaceutical and food industry regulations cannot be packaged manually and must be packaged by machine. The vacuum packaging machine effectively improves the shelf life of these foods and medicines, and improves the hygienic quality of the food and medicines.

2. The use of vacuum machines to package products can reduce packaging costs.

3. That is to say, the use of vacuum packaging machines to package products can effectively protect human health, such as some dust, toxic products, irritants, radioactive products, etc. It is difficult to package manually, so choose to use machinery for packaging, vacuum packaging machines is the best choice.

4. The use of vacuum packaging machines to pack products can effectively reduce labor intensity. If many products are packaged manually, some workers will suffer from occupational diseases. If vacuum packaging machines are used, the labor force will be greatly reduced. Vacuum machine internal pumping vacuum machine consists of vacuum pump, vacuum chamber, heating transformer, heating table, plexiglass cover, air bag, solenoid valve, time relay, power indicator light, air switch, vacuum gauge, gear switch, emergency stop switch , AC contactor, and other components. It can suck out the air in the vacuum bag and seal the plastic bag tightly. This Chuangmeng vacuum machine is suitable for all kinds of food and electronic products.

5. The use of vacuum packaging machines to package products can be packaged according to specific specifications and shapes, which are impossible to do with craftsmanship.

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