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      Jar full automatic sealing machine

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        The product description
        Scope of adjustment:
        Is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and other industries of all kinds of plastic PE PET PP film of aluminum foil seal, especially suitable for large caliber of polyester bottle seal, with moistureproof, prevent leakage, extend product shelf life, and the role of anti-theft security. It is suitable for large bottle mouth wide mouth bottle, which can be used to solve the electromagnetic induction sealing, the instant sealing temperature is too high, and the problem of odor in the bottle can guarantee the sealing success rate of 100% without the sealing of the bottle cap.
        Performance characteristics:
        All stainless steel production, adopt the photoelectric, pneumatic control, the work efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, the replacement of different caliber and different height of the bottle adjustment is convenient.
        Technical parameters:
        Power supply voltage: 220V/50HZ.
        Source: 0.8 Mpa
        Sealing range: 70-150mm.
        Sealing speed: 250-500 bottles /h.
        The sealing temperature: 50-300 ℃ is adjustable
        Constant temperature and deviation of forms: automatic constant temperature, deviation plus or minus 3 ℃
        Dimensions: 880*680*480mm.
        Weight: 150 kg

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