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      Health care tea/tea packing machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



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      Main sales areas: domestic, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places!


        The product description
        Health care tea/tea packaging machine is a kind of automatic precision equipment which can seal green tea, black tea, flower tea, coffee, healthy tea, Chinese medicinal tea and granule triangle bag. It is suitable for packaging of food, medicine and other industries.
        Product features:
        It can be used in flat bag packaging, triangulate packaging and so on.
        The machine can automatically complete the functions of feeding, measuring, bagging, sealing, cutting, counting and finished product transportation.
        2. Adopt the precise control system to adjust the whole operation of the whole machine, the structure is compact, the man-machine interface design, the operation is convenient, easy to adjust, easy to maintain.
        3. The bag length is driven by servo motor, the bag is stable, accurate and convenient to adjust.
        4. The imported ultrasonic seal is selected, and the electronic weighing method, sealing and sealing is firm, and the material is accurate.
        5. Automatic adjustment device of packing material tension.
        6. Automatic alarm and automatic stop function.
        Technical parameters:
        Bag size: width (W) : 60-80 long (L) : 40-80.
        Packing speed: 20-30 bags/min.
        Measuring range: 1-7g.
        Power source: 220 v / 2 kw
        Gas source: 0.8 mpa
        Gas consumption: 0.6m3/min.
        Machine weight: about 400kg.
        External dimensions :(length x width * height) 1200*920*2060mm.

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