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      Pickle vacuum packaging machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



      Custom :Yes

      Phone:+86 13711081899

      Service:One Year

      Main sales areas: domestic, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places!


        The product description
        Equipment model: XG.
        Equipment material :304 stainless steel.
        Pneumatic components :SMC, yad.
        Vacuum element: vacuum generator (SMC)
        Drive mode: variable frequency drive motor.
        Metering method: multi-head combined electronic scale
        Operating interface: touch screen (both in Chinese and English)
        Applicable packaging materials: candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits and other large particles and irregular blocks.
        Packing bag: self-supporting bag, handbag, zipper bag, four side sealing bag, three side sealing bag, paper bag, M type bag, etc.
        Packaging material :PA/PE, PET/PE, aluminum film and other heat sealing film.
        Packing bag specification: width: 70 ~ 200mm long: 100 ~ 300mm (size required bag length of 140mm)
        Process: rz6-200:1. Upper bag 2. 3.
        Rz 8-200:1. Upper bag 2. Code 3. Blank 4. Blanking 5. Blank 6. Thermal seal 8. Whole type & output
        Filling range: 5 ~ 1500g.
        Packing speed :20 ~ 55 bags/min (speed is determined by product characteristics and filling weight)
        Weighing accuracy: the deviation is less than or equal to + 1%.
        Host weight: rz6-200:800kg rz8-200:1000kg.
        Main frame size: rz6-200:1475mm*1325mm*1480mm (long, wide, high)
        Rz8-200:1635mm*1455mm*1480mm (long, wide, high)
        Main engine power: rz6-200:1.5kw.
        RZ8-200:2.3 kw
        Power supply :380V three-phase five-wire 50HZ.
        Control power :DC24V.
        Compressed air consumption: greater than 0.45m3/ min (compressed air is provided by users themselves)
        Optional equipment: long computer combination scale, linear scale, z-type elevator, large dip Angle hoist, single bucket elevator, weight separation scale, metal detector, working platform.

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