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      Two side laminating machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



      Custom :Yes

      Phone:+86 13711081899

      Service:One Year

      Main sales areas: domestic, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places!


        The product description
        It's a two-sided auto-sticker for the flat, square, and square products of the day, medicine, food, and other industries.
        Synchronous function: use the elastic symmetrical double chain cylinder correction mechanism to ensure that the bottle is in the correct position before entering the label.
        Special elastic top with adjusting device, make the change of different size bottle of operation more easy and convenient.
        It can be used in single machine, and can also meet the use of line.
        Product features:
        Humanized touch screen: the operation is simple, direct and functional, with rich online help function.
        Double chain belt calibration device to ensure the neutralization of flat bottle and square bottle.
        The special elastic top pressure belt device is hard synchronized with the main conveyor belt to ensure the vertical stability of the bottle body.
        We can use a clear label to detect an eye to increase accuracy.
        It's labeled parameter storage, and it's not to reset when you change the bottle.
        You can have a selection of a roll-up and a GPS device to get more bottles, including the stickers on the cylinder.
        It provide various detection functions such as label label detection, leakage code detection and printing content detection etc. Unqualified bottles will be rejected for recycling.
        It can be used to match hot irons, thermal printers or spray machines to sync and tag.
        Label intelligent management function, warning prompt function, optional image detection system and so on.
        Technical parameters:
        Material size :(square/flat bottle) thickness 20-90mm height less than 300.
        Speed of labeling: 250 bottles/min (related to material and label size)
        Stop mark accuracy: + 0.3mm.
        Accuracy of labeling machine: plus or minus 0.5mm.
        Use ambient temperature: 5-45 degrees.
        Ambient humidity: 15-90% (no condensation)
        Conveyor width: 91mm.
        Dimensions :(L)3500mm x (W)1355 x (H)1550mm.

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