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      Rotary Rotary Capping Machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



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        Rotary capping machine adopts automatic capping with screw cap head, breaking J moment cap or constant torque cap, which has the characteristics of stable cap and high qualified rate of screw cap. go
        The bottle is continuously fed into the bottle by a rotating disc. This equipment can be used on a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with each other. It is suitable for different industries such as pharmacy, food, daily chemical, etc.
        Product characteristics:
        1. The automatic vertical scratch cap, screw cap and upper cap of the screw cap are stable and reliable, and there is no oblique cap.
        2. The magnetic moment covers are adjustable, and the qualified rate of covers is high.
        3. Continuous bottle walking, Jiaolong into the bottle, no bottle jam, pouring phenomenon.
        4. Rotary mechanism, higher efficiency, centralized lubrication system, stable and reliable.
        5. PLC control system, no bottle without outer cover, front and rear connected protection system

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