New Recommendation: Automatic Stacker

作者:星格机械 发布时间: 2018-12-26 11:12

The stacker is a box that has been packed into a container. It is placed on a tray(wood or plastic) in a certain arrangement code, automatically stacked, and can be piled in multiple layers. It is then rolled out to facilitate forklifts to be transported to the warehouse for storage. The device adopts PLC + touch screen control, realizes intelligent operation management, is simple and easy to master. Can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce the intensity of labor!
Product description:
1. Form: Low Cartesian coordinates
2. Production capacity: 5-6 rounds/minute, grab 1-3 cases each time
3. Equipment composition: box input, sorting device, grab pallet
4. Valid Weight: 30KG(weight per grab)
5. Stack form: right-angled palletizing servo drive, X axis Y axis Z axis movement mode.
6. Operationalization: Humanized design and operation is simple, easy to debug, and high reliability.
7. Stack range: Standard range 800 * 1200 or 1000 * 1200 mm(also adjustable to the entire customer request range)
8. The stacking method: According to the customer's requirements, the number of layers on each floor and the form of placement can be adjusted.
9. The way of feeding: the way of packing.
10. Drive control: Select imported servo motor, speed: 3000 rpm
11. Ordinary Drive: Select imported standard motor to drive the transmission mechanism, speed: 1400 / minute
12. Slow down machine: Adopt high-end speed reduction machine to ensure the stability of the stacking.
13. Control part: Use P.L.C + to touch the display control element.
14. Unusual alarm: There is an alarm light when there is an anomaly.
15. Delivery pallet way: no pallet library and no pallet transport, manual stack and manual removal of the entire stack.
16. Power: about 4.5 kW
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