What should we pay attention to before using vacuum packing

作者:星格机械 发布时间: 2018-12-26 11:13

Vacuum Packers are used in the food industry because after vacuum packaging, foods can resist oxidation and achieve long-term preservation. It is a small packaging machine for vacuum packaging. The machine has the advantages of superior function, convenient maintenance, simple operation and wide application. For solids, liquids, powdered, paste, food, fruit, seeds, vegetables. Chemical products, electronic components, precision instruments, rare precious metals and other items for vacuum packaging. Packaged products can prevent oxidation, mildew, insect pillars, moisture, retention, and preservation to extend the product storage cycle.
Preparation before use of vacuum Packer:
1: The vacuum Packer is placed smoothly to see if the closing cover is smooth and if it automatically jumps after releasing its hands.
2: Equipped with power supply that meets the requirements of the model.
3: The vacuum Packer is well grounded.
4: Switch on the power, turn on the power switch, close the cover, and see if the vacuum pump is working properly.
5: Check whether the position of the vacuum pump oil surface of the vacuum packaging machine is correct, and if it is not correct, it should be adjusted.