Double head automatic sauce filling machine

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    The product description
    Double head automatic sauce filling machine is mainly aimed at the filling of granular paste materials, such as beef paste, chili sauce, bean paste, fresh chili sauce, fermented bean sauce and pixian bean sauce, which is specially designed for the oil separation.
    The machine is controlled by microcomputer (PLC), which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and accurate measurement. It is a viscous sauce product, especially the most ideal filling machine with granular sauce.
    Equipment features:
    1. The whole machine is compact and simple, and the machine is made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful but also can meet the corrosive liquid and hygienic requirements for food packaging.
    2. The mixing and stirring function is used to solve the problem of stratification of granular materials such as chilli paste, and make the filling more accurate.
    3. The machine is based on the technology of the granulated filling machine of our company, and the products are modified and innovated. Its structure is simple, accurate and easy to operate.
    Technical parameters
    Filling range: 50 ~ 500ml.
    Filling speed: 10-30 bottles/min.
    Margin of error: plus or minus 1%.
    Installed power: 1.5kw.
    The glass bottle vacuum capping machine is mainly used for the tightening and spinning of various bottle caps, and the vacuum bottle cap equipment for cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide and lubricating oil industry. (hot pepper paste glass bottles, canned goods, high-end health care products, etc.). This glass bottle screw cap machine is mainly operated by electric program control and pneumatic actuation, which is very different from the traditional mechanical transmission equipment. The whole machine USES the cylinder as the main power original, and each action part is coordinated by the programming controller, and the number of sensors can be used to detect the moving parts on the bottle, cover and equipment. Through PLC (programmable controller) programming, automatic access to the tank, automatic distribution, vacuuming, clamping of bottle body, screw cap, etc. Pneumatic device, flexible operation, no pollution, easy maintenance.
    Equipment features:
    1. The advantages of replacing mechanical transmission with pneumatic and electrical programming control are: the equipment can be clean, avoid the influence of lubricating grease on production environment and products, and most importantly, it can monitor and flexibly adjust the index parameters that the product must meet, such as vacuum degree, screw cap moment, etc.
    2. The vacuum rotary cover machine of the glass bottle includes the main parts, such as inlet and outlet tank conveyance, the can, the tank, the vacuum chamber, the claw, the cover, and the rotary cover.
    Technical parameters:
    Source: single phase ac 220V.
    Compressed air: 0.11 cubic meters per minute, 0.7 mpa (7 kg per square centimeter)
    True air pump: recommended model 2X-8A or XD040, pump speed 8~10 litres per second, extreme vacuum -96KPa.
    Cover scope: according to QB/T 1499-2000 standard cover range,
    Outer diameter range: 33.5~85 mm.
    Thickness: 8.6-16 mm.
    Applicable bottle range: round bottle diameter of 40~85mm,
    Height: 60~168 mm.
    Height of feeding machine: the minimum height of the tank is 830mm.
    Machine dimensions: 850x1000x1165 mm.

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