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      Double - head sauce filling vacuum cap production line

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        The two-headed sauce filling vacuuming assembly line is one of the most important ingredients in the production of the Guangzhou Star with the chilli sauce, the bean paste and the new sauce filling machine, and the Guangzhou Star packing machine limited is the first custom bean paste in the country, and the hot sauce and the bottling machine. Well-known cooperative units have domestic famous chafing dish and sauce enterprises, such as submarine fishing, Chongqing young, Zhongjing mushroom paste, Liu biju,Old Dad and Li jinji.
        The advanced filling technology and perfect after - sale have been unanimously approved by the customers. From semi-automatic sauce filling machine category is complete, the single and double sauce filling machine, double straight-line, six head line and six stirring, eight the servo type filling machine, no matter how big or small your company at present the scale of production, buy pepper sauce filling machine, to Guangzhou Star, can always choose to fit your device. It can be used in single machine, and also can be used with glass bottle vacuum capping machine, automatic round bottle labeling machine and bottle cap spreader.
        Scope of application:
        It is suitable for fluid and large particle sauce, hot sauce, fermented bean sauce, beef sauce, bean paste, olive, etc. It's a good mix, especially for the sauce business, which is a big way to reduce the intensity of labor and increase the filling efficiency. In addition, we undertake to customize various non-standard filling models.
        Technical parameters:
        Irrigation number: 2.
        Power supply voltage: 380V/220V plus or minus 10%V AC50Hz.
        Power: 1.2 Kw or less
        Filling accuracy: + 1%.
        Use pressure: 0.4~ 0.8mpa.

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