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      Liquid filling spinning (rolling) cover machine

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        The product description
        This series of filling screw (rolling) cover machine is mainly applicable to 
        the oral liquid, syrup, liquor and other liquid filling and sealing of the 
        medicine, health care products and other industries.
        Main features:
        1 filling rotation (rolling) cover two in one, small footprint.
        2. The filling and spinning (rolling) cover all adopt the national weekly 
        rotary mechanism, and the operation is stable and reliable and efficient;
        3. The plunger type meter is used to perform the filling. It is suitable for 
        all kinds of viscous liquid. The closing price of the pump is more than that 
        of cleaning and disinfection.
        4. Piston ring material of plunger type metering pump is made of silicone 
        rubber, tetrafluoroethylene or other materials according to different 
        industry and liquid components.
        5. Variable-frequency speed regulation of PLC control system, with high 
        degree of automation;
        6. The load adjustment is convenient. The filling quantity of the maximum 
        pump can be adjusted at one time. Operation xun is more. Adjust fast;
        7. The filling needle is designed with a drip proof device.
        8. The rolling head is made of two knives rolled with thread, two with the 
        seal of the knife, and the blade is hardened. The seal and the thread are 
        beautiful and uniform;
        9. The whole machine is designed according to GNP requirements.
        Model: yg18/12 yg12/8.
        Filling range: 18 heads and 12 heads.
        Rotation (over head count: 12 heads and 8 heads.
        Filling head :20-500ml.
        Ideal filling range :20-30ml 50-70ml 70-120ml 180-200ml 250-500ml.
        Optional cover type: cover, thread cover, ROPP aluminum cover.
        Production capacity: 150-200 bottles/minute 100-120 bottles/min.
        Filling accuracy: less than or less than 1%.
        Rotary (rolling) rate: 99.9%.
        Power supply: 220/380 v 50/60 hz
        Electric power: less than or equal to 2.2Kv.
        Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa.
        Net weight: 2500 kg to 2000 kg
        Dimensions (mm) :2380x1480x2000 2130x1330x2000.

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