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      Automatic eye drop filling machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



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        The product description
        Automatic eyedrop filling machine is suitable for the 2-30 ml all kinds of 
        circular sector eyedrop filling of plastic or glass bottles. The machine is 
        composed of high precision CAM indexing mechanism provides the battery cover 
        on the dividing uniform plate positioning; The acceleration CAM drive 
        provides the lifting of the rotating cover head; Constant torque screw cap; 
        Peristaltic pump measurement filling; Its advantage are control of touch 
        screen, no bottle filling and no internal plug, and that measurement of 
        stable cap.
        1. Microcomputer setting, precise loading and convenient operation.
        2. The speed of main engine can be variable frequency controlled 
        3. Automatic quantitative control of production quantity.
        4. Various fault prompt functions (such as low pressure. No filling, no 
        plug, etc.
        5. Automatic stop function, automatic shutdown of any one of the tracks 
        without filling and without internal plug.
        Technical parameters:
        Model: FADGK - I/II
        Applicable specification: 2-30ml.
        Production capacity: 30-50 bottles/minute fadgk-i.
        60-80 bottles/minute fadgk-ii.
        Filling accuracy: less than or less than 1%.
        Power supply: 380 v / 50 hz
        (rolling) cover rate: greater than or equal to 99%.
        Automatic plug rate: greater than 99%.
        Air source: 1.3 m3/h 0.4-0.8mpa.
        Power: 2.0 kw
        Machine net weight: 550 kg.

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