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      Carton unpacking machine

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        The product description
        It is based on years of experience on the basis of the original open-box machine, which has changed the original opening speed and is now changing.
        It has an amazing opening speed, with a capacity of up to 40 cases per minute, and at least five people at the same time, and the time used is only artificial.
        One sixth of the unpacking, folding and sealing is more than five times more efficient than manual completion, which greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise.
        And time, but the increase is a steady stream of benefits. Since its successful development, this machine has been widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine and tobacco.
        Beverage, automobile, electronics, cable and other industries.
        Product technical parameters
        Machine model: OK-50H.
        Opening capacity: 40 cases/min.
        Storage capacity: 70pcs(700mm)
        Carton size: L:200-380 W:150-300 H:100-300mm.
        Use power: 380V 3 with 800W.
        Necessary air pressure: 6kg/ cm.
        Air consumption: 450NL/min.
        Machine size: L3540 * W1250 * H1840mm.
        Mechanical weight: 1200kg.
        Tape size: 48, 60, 72mm.
        Technical advantages of the machine:
        1. Imported accessories:
        Motor: taibang, Taiwan.
        PLC: mitsubishi of Japan
        Inverter: mitsubishi of Japan.
        Vacuum pump: beck, Germany.
        Man-machine interface: Taiwan willan.
        Electrical components: Japanese omron.
        Pneumatic components: human-centered SMC.
        2. High and new technology:
        With more than ten years' experience in developing and designing the box machine, and absorbing the packaging machinery in Japan and Germany.
        3. Excellent quality:
        Automatic carton opening machine OK-40 has international high quality. Parts pass the aging test to ensure every detail is more stable.
        Performance of the machine:
        1. Convenient operation:
        The storage of cartons is horizontal, and can be filled with empty cartons at any time. No downtime is required, no delay in production.
        It is suitable to open the box of various sizes. If you need to change the carton specification, manual adjustment can be done.
        2. High automation:
        The automatic opening of the box, automatic folding, automatic sealing, adopting PLC+ man-machine interface control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, is the automatic regulation.
        Mold production is an essential assembly line equipment.
        3. Safe packaging:
        The performance of the machine is precise and durable, the structure is well-designed, the running process is not vibrating, and the operation is stable and reliable.
        The door is automatically shut down, the air is broken, and the safety is greatly improved.
        4. Efficient design:
        The whole machine adopts the CAM continuous system and the machine operation is accurate;
        Forming and sealing are controlled by frequency converter, can adjust the speed arbitrarily, save working hours.
        5. Beautiful effect:
        Carton automatic forming, no crease;
        Automatic sealing standard uniform, the effect is beautiful.

      Packaging Effect

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