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      Powder automatic filling machine

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        The product description
        Technical parameters
        Model: the SPF - 150
        Measurement method: screw measurement and weighing feedback.
        Feed tank: screw to tank.
        Measuring range: no more than 2000g.
        Measurement accuracy: + 0.3-1% (different from the characteristics of the filling material)
        Container type: metal can, glass can, plastic can, paper can, etc.
        The container size: high Φ 60-150 - mm 80-270 - mm (transform for tank screw)
        Filling speed: up to 60 cans per minute (different depending on the characteristics and filling amount of the fill)
        Power and power: single phase 220V 50Hz 2.7KW.
        Machine weight: 350Kg.
        Dimensions: 2262L*1550W*2395Hmm.
        The ideal choice for powder listening.
        The function of the function can be used automatically in the tank, the accurate positioning, the tank, the vibration, the filling, the weighing feedback, the selection, and the can.
        With excellent performance, reliable PLC control, accurate servo system, professional screw measurement, high-end weighing system, and international brand electric appliances, to ensure the machine can work 24 hours continuously.
        The safe and hygienic can be detached glass cover, both dustproof and safe. Complete machine 304 stainless steel manufacturing, accord with GMP requirement.
        The humanized design shaking handwheel can easily adjust the height of the feed nozzle of the screw gauge machine, and can replace the accessories without the tool. Safety detection switch is set in the safety hazard location.
        We can quickly clean the hopper of the semi-open screw, and let the residual material be in sight. The backfill platform slide and recycling funnel can be used to remove a certain distance to facilitate cleaning, so that the dust can not hide.
        The design of simple structure makes complex structure simple, easy to maintain, even free of maintenance.
        Range of application
        Specifically for fine powder, granular, powder and other materials and design, widely used in food industry, suitable for milk powder, glucose, protein powder, coffee powder, rice flour, milk powder, canned seasoning powder or other materials.

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