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      Vertical external vacuum extractor

      Brand:Xing Ge



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        The product description
        It can be used for a single seal or vacuum packed vacuum package machine, which can also be filled with inert gas or filled with mixed gas (optional). If that package material is powdery, the dust filter (optional) can be configured in accordance with the number of the powder particles, usually the seal is heated to a single surface, or the sealed mouth can be heated by the different thicknesses of the customer bags (optional), the machine can be raised and lowered to the unpowered conveyor, the lifting range can be adjusted freely according to the actual packaging requirement 0-700mm, the standard sealing length of the machine is 600mm, and the standard sealing length of the machine can be increased to 700mm to 1000mm according to the customer's requirement.
        Suitable for: electronic products, food, fruit, rice, chemical raw materials, bedding, compression packing is convenient for transportation, seafood and other products, keep fresh, original, and can impact proof, antistatic, anti oxidation
        Technical features:
        1. Control system: programmable PLC and text display control screen.
        2. Pneumatic system: the pneumatic components are more stable with the help of Taiwan yad.
        3. External suction vacuum structure: double cylinder double air nozzle structure is adopted, and the air suction (aeration) is faster.
        4. Portable conveyor platform, easy and convenient operation.
        5. Heavy-duty mobile casters (with brakes) : the heavy-duty mobile casters (with brakes) that the Da jiang has configured for the machine have good load-bearing capacity, making it easier for customers to move the machine position.
        Technical parameters:
        Maximum sealing size (mm):L600XW10.
        Maximum packing size (mm):L600XW600.
        Power supply and power: 1 /220v 50Hz.

      Packaging Effect

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