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      420C automatic continuous stretch vacuum packing machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



      Custom :Yes

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      Service:One Year

      Main sales areas: domestic, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places!


        The product description
        Scope of use: it is suitable for vacuum, air filling and packaging of all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables, cooling meat, medical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.
        Control system: adopt the Japanese mitsubishi 5.4 inch GOT1155 man-machine interface touch screen. 1KW Japanese mitsubishi servo system control. Japan, Europe, Taiwan and other electrical appliances. There are perfect security measures.
        1. Photoelectric tracing can be used to package the film or film, reduce the cost and improve the product grade.
        2. Adopt the combination mold, easy to replace, one machine multi-purpose, the mold has cooling system.
        3. According to the user's product packaging requirements, it can be equipped with automatic sprinkler or marking system.
        4. According to the packaging requirements of user's products, nitrogen or mixed gas can be filled on the basis of vacuuming.
        5. Equipped with world-class original German BUSCH RA0160 vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, stable quality and durable and reliable.
        6. Equipped with corner waste recovery system to maintain environmental hygiene.
        7. Adopt advanced crosscutting, slitting system and computer sharpener.
        Main technical parameters:
        Upper film width: 393mm, lower film width: 422mm.
        True emptiness: less than or equal to 200Pa, compressed air: greater than or equal to 0.6mpa.
        Cold water: greater than 0.15Mpa, electric source: 380V/50HZ.
        Total work rate: 12KW, external dimensions: 5300 * 950 * 1860mm.
        Machine weight: 1800kg.

      Packaging Effect

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