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      Electric external vacuum packing machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



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        The product description
        Vs-600da electric external vacuum packing machine is a practical product developed on the basis of pneumatic vacuum packaging machine. This machine can be used without external gas plug, especially for small and micro factories, office buildings, shops, single buildings, families and other places without compressed air. It can be used as a free mobile device capable of moving that stainless steel worktable and the static type movable caster by using a baking plastic shell (which can be made of stainless steel), a non-chamber air nozzle structure, a silent type oil vacuum pump (which can be used as an oil-free vacuum pump),
        Scope of application:
        Suitable for all kinds of IC, electronic, photoelectric, circuit board, hardware product vacuum packaging, or filling nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other protection gas, to prevent moisture, oxidation, rust prevention, impact; It can be used for vacuum packaging of cotton wool products such as cloth, quilt and pillow, etc., to compress packaging volume and save logistics cost.
        Using the microcomputer controller independently developed by the company, the system has the advantages of accurate control (LED digital display), strong anti-interference power, good stability and program memory, all the Settings are directly set on the panel, and no other parts are adjusted;
        Adopt domestic first-line brand dc permanent magnet motor, durable, low noise;
        Automatically step on two feet and step on three feet; Start button with foot switch, hands and feet, work no longer busy;
        Multi-mode selection:
        Vacuum mode: vacuum + seal (standard);
        Vacuum (N times) + inflating (N times) + vacuum (N times) + sealing (optional);
        Inflatable mode: vacuum + aeration + sealing (optional);
        Inflating (N times) + vacuum (N times) + inflating (N times) + sealing (optional);
        Seal mode: seal (standard).

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