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      Bean curd cake vacuum packaging machine

      Brand:Xing Ge



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      Main sales areas: domestic, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places!


        The product description
        Product introduction:
        1. Suitable for single and single bag of food, such as dried bean and fish bean curd.
        2. High packaging speed, stable performance, high yield and high vacuum.
        3. Water proof system makes cleaning more convenient; It is simple to operate with color touch electronic display screen
        4. The packaging machine USES prefabricated bags, with perfect design and high sealing quality, which greatly improves the product grade.
        5. The equipment is easy to manage and improve the corporate image at the top, atmosphere and technology
        6. At reasonable cost, innovative solution of various bean dry product vacuum packaging problems.
        Technical parameters:
        Equipment consists of six-station packing machine, automatic bag-feeding vacuum machine, vibrating tray and matting line
        Equipment material: 304 stainless steel.
        Measuring method: automatic feed feeding.
        Operation interface: touch screen.
        Applicable products: single bean dry.
        Packaging material: composite film.
        Packing bag specification: width :70mm ~ 130mm length :70mm ~ 180mm.
        Work flow: 1. Upper bag 2. Open bag 3. 4. Add soup oil 5. Automatic vacuum chamber 6. Automatic evacuation 7. Finished product output.
        Packing range: 5 g ~ 50 g.
        Packing speed: 45 ~ 55 bags/min (speed is determined by the product itself and filling weight)
        Machine weight: 1500KG.
        External dimensions: 4100mm*2700mm*1900mm (length, width, height)
        8 kw power:
        Compressed air consumption: 0.8 m3 / min (air compressor provided by the user)

      Packaging Effect

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