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      Eye drops aseptic filling line

      Brand:Xing Ge



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        The product description
        The filling production line of the eye drops is composed of LP fully automatic bottle, DQX/12 purification gas washer, YG4/2/2-100 eye drops filling and filling, which is mainly used to complete the process of bottle, bottle, gas washing, gas washing, measuring, adding, outer cover, and outer cover, etc. The whole production process is completed under the protection of 100-level laminar flow protection and aseptic isolation, and the isolation protection of each area is ensured.
        1. Store bottle and automatic bottle system.
        2. Carry the bottle and remove the bottle system.
        3. Electrostatic elimination, gas washing bottle system.
        4. Precision ceramics. Bottling system.
        5. Vacuum suction, upper plug system.
        6. Constant magnetic torque and positioning system.
        7. 100-level laminar flow protection system.
        8. Peristaltic pump filling system can also be used.
        Technical parameters:
        1. Applicable specification :5 3011 plastic bottle, bottle stopper and outer plug.
        2. Production capacity: 91120 bottles/min.
        3. Filling head :4 heads.
        4. Air shampoo number :12.
        5. Head count :2 heads.
        6. Head count :2.
        7. Measurement accuracy: less than or equal to 1%.
        8. Bottle cleaning rate :100%.
        9. Qualified rate: 99.8%.
        10 screw cap pass rate: the rate is 99.8%.
        11. Compressed air consumption :10mm3/h 0.6-0.8M/Pa.
        Total power: less than 5KW 220V 50Hz.
        Machine net weight :3000KG.
        Dimensions (length x width x height):6780*2380*2000(without laminar flow cover)

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